Protect Your Property with A Fence


When your home or business needs a new fence, you need to call DFW's most trusted company, ABP Construction Inc. We specialize in wood fence repairs and replacements, so no matter which service you need, our team is able to take care of it. Call today to learn more.

Fence Repairs

Did your fence fall down, or has someone run into it? Our team will help you by repairing it. We will come and assess the damage and see which panels need to be replaced. From there, we will get the proper materials to repair the section and stain it to match. With our professional service, you won’t be able to tell we were even there.

Fence Replacements

When your fence is getting old, you need to contact ABP Construction Inc. A fence not only protects your property line, but it protects your pets and kids from wandering away or strangers from wandering in. Don’t leave your safety up to chance. Our team will come to check what your current fence and property line looks like, discuss what type of wooden fence you want, and choose your stains. Once all the decisions are made, all that is left is to complete the installation. Contact our team for friendly and reliable service.