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Home Partitions Too Tight? Consider An Open Floor Plan!

Key Takeaways:

Open floor plans are an excellent choice if you are looking to create a more spacious and inviting living space.

You can consider glass partitions or removing permanent walls to achieve this effect.

Sliding panels can help you easily transition between open and closed floor plans.

You can work with a flooring contractor to create an open floor layout that works well with your existing home.

Not everyone can afford a sprawling home with plenty of room to spare. Most of us have to deal with the nagging reality of smaller spaces, where we often feel cramped. But what if there was another option?

If your home seems too cramped and claustrophobic, consider an open floor plan to help you make the most of every inch of space.

Working with a knowledgeable flooring contractor can help determine whether an open floor plan is suitable for your home. With a customized layout and carefully selected materials, you can achieve the perfect combination of functionality and style in your home.

To help you make the most out of your floor plan, ABP CONSTRUCTION gives you this brief guide on achieving the perfect open floor plan for your home

Arrange and Shift Your Furniture

In order to create the feel of an open yet separated home, consider shifting and rearranging your furniture. For instance, pushing your couches in an open arrangement can give your home a more welcoming and airy feel while providing guests and family members with some privacy.

With furniture, you can create different zones that cater to various activities, such as a home office or entertainment area.

Folding Screen on Your Floor Plan

For your open floor plan, consider incorporating a folding screen or divider that can easily be moved out of the way when you want to open up your home space. This provides flexibility and privacy while allowing you to enjoy a more open home layout.

For small spaces such as apartments, adding folding screens gives an excellent option for compartmentalizing a home layout. Whether you’re looking for home flooring that offers more privacy or wants to create smaller zones within an open space, these screens can be the perfect solution. Even better, you can always take them out to enjoy your home in a more open layout.

Glass Partitions

Glass partitions might be the perfect option if you’re not big on home flooring with intricate designs and patterns. These home partitions offer a clean and contemporary look and provide a home with plenty of natural light. Some homeowners even use glass partitions to divide the house into distinct living and dining spaces.

The invisibility of glass creates the illusion that home partitions do not exist, allowing you to take full advantage of your home’s open floor plan. And when you want to establish more intimate areas within your home, glass home partitions can easily be covered with solid fabric, adding privacy when needed.


A Kitchen Island

Open home flooring often comes with the bonus of a kitchen island. This freestanding countertop can be placed anywhere in your home. An open kitchen floor plan might be the perfect option if you’re considering spacious floor plans in smaller home designs.

For studio apartments and home lofts, flooring that seamlessly blends with the home’s open-concept layout is essential to maintaining a clean and airy atmosphere. Some home flooring options ideal for open home floor plans includes hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate flooring. For further suggestions, you can always trust a reputable flooring contractor.

Add Sliding Panels

When partitioning your open home flooring, sliding panels are a great solution. These panels can be custom created in various sizes and materials, allowing you to create the perfect home office, gym, or library.

When incorporating sliding panels on your home plan, you must be aware of where the tracks or railings will be located, as these can sometimes detract from the overall look of your home. For example, darker tracks against white walls can create a stark contrast that may take away from the home’s overall aesthetic.

Highlight the Area

Another great way to partition your home flooring is to highlight the area where you are dividing. To achieve this, you can add some home d├ęcor or home furniture to the site, such as a bookshelf or home office desk.

You can also play with lights or ask your flooring contractor to recommend home flooring with a specific color or pattern that will draw the eye to that space. An additional tip is to ensure that the flooring you choose for those spaces stands out from the rest of the home so that your guests are immediately aware of the section you are highlighting.

Introduce Drapery

Drapes are no more limited to bedrooms and living rooms. They can be used effectively to divide home flooring spaces, which can help you create a more intimate or homey feel.

To achieve this, consider introducing drapes of varying sizes and fabrics to partition home flooring areas. You can get a bit creative and opt for floor-to-ceiling drapes that you can use to designate home flooring areas.

Embellished Dividers

The opposite of plain and boring is home flooring that is accentuated by home decor elements. Using home decor accents, you can create a home flooring space divider, like antique mirrors or art. Divisions of different kinds can create areas with a distinct flair, like a space with a personal gym. If you are interested in using flooring contractors to help you with your flooring project, consult them about your options for dividing the area.

Ending Note:

Ultimately, you can create a functional and beautiful home by carefully considering the flow of your home flooring. So why not consider an open floor plan today? Working with the right flooring contractor can help you achieve the perfect space for your home.

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